Tips For NOT Counting with Bed Bugs on Holidays

Holydays is the favorite season to travel and enjoy as a family. But also, this has become the season where more infestations are presented by BED BUGS!

This is more common than you think, because one of the easiest ways to get BED BUGS is when you are traveling or when you stay in hotels, or rent an apartment. the common places that we visit, many times these places are infested and we do not realize why these animals hide in the day, and not knowing what to do to avoid them, finally you carry them to your home.

That’s why I want to give you 3 recommendations that I always follow, in order to avoid BED BUGS:

Review the Mattresses. Photo EPA

1. When you get to the hotel room, the first thing to do is REVIEW THE MATTRESSES, look very well at the edges and in the mattress pad. If you notice dots or brown marks, they are most likely to be BED BUGS; so they must immediately inform the hotel reception that they need to be changed rooms, and they will not be denied.

2. Be very careful with your belongings, NEVER LEAVE THEM IN THE FLOOR and avoid unpacking as much as possible, in this way we minimize the risks of taking unwanted guests to our house. A good way to avoid disorder, and to protect ourselves at the same time is to carry 2 plastic bags, one keep the clothes clean and the other the dirty clothes. Keep in mind that with only one egg that goes with you will soon have a whole colony of BED BUGS, as they reproduce very fast; It is estimated that in just 40 days a female BED BUGS can place more than 1000 eggs!

Bed Bugs stinging. Photo EPA

3. When you return home, unpack in a safe place like the garage, NEVER IN YOUR ROOM, this is a very common mistake of most people. Ideally, place all the clothes and footwear that we take to the trip in the dryer in a cycle of between 10 and 15 minutes, being careful with those delicate garments; this is very useful since these animals do not resist heat.

If you can not read these recommendations, and it makes sense to sting your body while sleeping, or have seen what appears to be like an outbreak somewhere in your body, it is best to seek professional help … Remember BED BUGS are very difficult to Remove, but not impossible if you make them with real experts.

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