Do It Yourself Pest Control?

We suggest you do not do it yourself.
We know that there is nothing more undesirable, than being at a dinner with friends and bugs appear around our house; or the most alarming: Cockroaches Walking in the kitchen! It happens when your Guest, at a level of confidence, gets up and wants to go to the Refrigerator to serve something for everyone.

Cockroaches Control

The popular saying says: Your kitchen talks about you and shows who you are.

There are many myths about the control and care of pests … No matter how neat you are, at some point you will have these uncomfortable visits.

You can treat “do it yourself”; but usually you will need the help of a professional; but it’s not because you do not know how to do it. The truth is that the chemical industry is very controlled and regulated by the damage it can cause to the ecosystem and even to people.

You must start by understanding this keyword! Ecosystem! Whose definition is very precise … (Biological system constituted by a community of living beings and the natural environment in which they live.), YES! Even pests play a very important role in our ecosystem. In such a way that chemistry controls them but does not eliminate them completely.

The chemistry that you buy in supermarkets, has an active ingredient up to 25 times lower than that used by pest control professionals. The reason is that they need, knowledge, to mix chemicals with the correct doses, sometimes mixing them makes them repellents and will not be effective to eliminate pests.

Another difference is that professional chemists do not kill instantly, they are developed so that their residual is durable and in this way is active for more than two weeks in some cases.

Remember: Our company has qualified and experienced professionals who guarantee our professional pest control processes, methods, and products to each client.

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