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Main routes of a cockroach infestation

Most cockroaches are nocturnal activity insects. During this period they look for water, food and a couple. During the day, however, they usually remain hidden in resting areas.

Although it seems ironic, it is precisely at this moment when they are most dangerous, since their predilection for taking refuge in various materials of particular use such as appliances, bags, clothes, furniture or other items, allow them to enter new areas in a completely unnoticed.

As for other domestic pests, prevention is always the best tool to control an infestation, therefore, the best advice to avoid a pest of cockroaches is to inspect very carefully furniture, clothing, appliances or any Another second-hand utensil that is introduced into the home, especially if it comes from a place where a cockroach infestation has occurred or is occurring.

Types of Cockroaches

What Do Cockroaches look Like?
Cockroaches can measure over 2 in length, with tropical species tending to be larger than those found in other climates. Cockroaches have six legs, two antennae and some have wings. However, most winged cockroaches are not particularly adept at flying.

How We Do it?

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Your home is an investment that we are interested in protecting, Cockroach Control is the solutions for the problem in American homes.

how to kill Cockroaches?

German cockroaches usually first get into buildings by riding in boxes, in furniture and in other items brought into the building

Signs of Cockroach

Detecting the Signs of Cockroach Control is Necessary, Among all known domestic pests, cockroaches are the most persistent and unpleasant.

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