Avoid Rodent with this:

The mice are small rodents, that many times they can get confused with rats; but they are easy to identify, because they tend to be smaller and with a grayish coat. They usually do not exceed 5 inches.

Mouse are currently considered a PEST; for its high fertility, we estimated that a female can carry between 8 to 12 young by year; and each one of them, can give birth. a litter between 10 to 12 new mice.

Mice are a species that easily adapts to life in rural or urban areas, which is why they are very common to find in houses, since they usually find all kinds of food, taking into account that they are accustomed to feeding between 15 to 20 times a day!

Due to this it is very important that you follow the following recommendations to avoid having these unwanted guests.

1. Mice have a varied diet: they like to eat fruits, seeds and grains, as well as anything that they find in their homes, which can range from fresh food to waste. For this reason it is very important not to store garbage inside the house, it is preferable to locate a place away from it, always keeping in mind that the place of storage of garbage, should be constantly unoccupied and cleaned.

2. For its size They have the ability to climb surfaces, any hole can provide access to a house. for this reason. we recommend Do an inspection around your house and try to identify those spaces that can enter, whether in pipes, walls, ceilings, doors and windows, and find the best way to close them, either with cement or with a Special mesh for this purpose.

3.  Another good way to keep mice away is cutting the lawn regularly, and picking up the dried leaves and debris from the plants. Keep in mind that mice love areas full of vegetation, or dirt; and that in turn are used by the branches of trees and plants to climb and enter the houses.

Following these simple recommendations and keeping the cleanliness of the places where the food is stored, will surely save you a headache.


Waste and garbage, it produce bad odor that attracts the Mice.