Starving Rats Are Invading broward – Palm beach Neighborhoods and Homes Amidst Coronavirus COVID-19 Shutdown. You need to eliminate mice, rodents or rats from your home?

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Hungry rodents are heading home in search of food to survive during the rainy season. They are even waging war among themselves as food sources become scarce.

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Understanding Rodents & Controlling Them

Rats and mice have long been a problem on farms where food and nesting sites are plentiful. They are carriers of some 45 diseases and are capable of contaminating farm feed and water supplies helping to spread disease from contaminated to uncontaminated areas and from animal to animal. 

In South Florida rodents such as rats, mice, squirrels and others make part of the ecosystem. Families have to take special precautions with the presence of this type of rodents, since they propagate diseases of viral and bacterial type.
They infect everything on contact.

When you either suspect you have one of these guests, or notice they have been at your home, do not hesitate to call American Pest Solutions. A team of our experts will come to your home and give you back the peace you deserve.
Our technicians in rodent control will do an excellent job catching, monitoring, and excluding rodents using non-toxic baits, rodenticides, and other natural methods that have been highly effective for years.

We guarantee that you will be free of rodents at home.

In addition, our agents will give you instructions on how to prevent pests and they willdisinfect your home. YOUR FAMILIES HEALTH AND WELL-BEING IS OUR PRIORITY!

Under good circumstances, rodents can reproduce very rapidly. At 2-3 months of age, rats and mice are sexually mature and females can produce 60-70 offspring each year.

if you see one, the best thing to do is to call the professionals at american pest solutions.

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South Florida is the ideal environment for many pest to live, breed, and grow. There are several kinds of pest in Boynton Beach and the treatments are different for each one.

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 “They were super easy to work with, schedule and execute. The technician was knowledgable and professional, and I couldn’t be happier. I definitely recommend them.”

David Shapiro

We have been using American Pest Solutions for several years since we moved into our home. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable and courteous at all levels. They didn’t try to oversell us and gave us exactly what we requested and took care of our mouse and carpenter ant issues. Their maintenance program is keeping them away as well! Highly recommend them!


Jane Woodward


Very nice..came to my house free of charge to give me a free estimate of what services I might need. Very informative and helpful. I may use them but I was given the option of deciding when without pressure.!”



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