Ultrasonic pest repellents are electronic devices that emit high frequency sounds designed to repel, damage or kill domestic pests, such as rodents and insects. Its effectiveness is widely discussed.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Recommended Installation Height

How do these devices work?

The use of sound to scare away pests is an old strategy; for example in the control of birds is a this technique is essential to keep them away from the areas affected by their actions. The ultrasound devices generate sound frequencies that are not detected by the human ear, and although it is true that their use has become popular in recent years, they have actually been in the market for several decades.

The ultrasonic devices work with electricity, they are connected to the electrical outlets of the house and they emit a high frequency sound permanently, which is supposed to be harmful for the pests, causing a physiological convulsion response by audiogenic stimulus, which provokes discord, convulsions , and possibly death from cerebral hemorrhage. However, it is known that upon detecting this stimulus the natural reaction of the insect or rodent will be to move away, long before having suffered the effects of the exposure.

Do they really work? Is it Effective?

Several studies have found that those devices that are not effective with all types of insects that might try to enter a building, in fact seem to have little effect on cockroaches, in the case of other pests adapted over time to noise, Realize that the noise was harmless.

Another problem with these devices is that the intensity of the signal can be reduced or blocked by walls and furniture; they can also weaken the telephone line signal, interfere with anti-theft alarm systems.

The sound generated by the repellers can cause discomfort in small domesticated animals, such as hamsters.

Cats and dogs are not affected by the noise emitted by these devices.

Owners with pest problems do well to seek professional pest control services advice to solve any problem of infestation by pests, before experimenting with techniques such as the use of these devices which could help them in a limited way

If you want to test these devices, our recommendation is that the following:

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller  / 6 Pack


The ultrasonic pest repeller is equipped with the latest chip to enhance the ultrasonic waves, and it constantly change the ultrasonic frequency between 22-65KHz to disturb and irritate the nervous system of pests. To make them uncomfortable and force them to leave your home and never become immune to the sound. Effectively to repel pest such as mice, cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, mosquitoesbees, bats, rodents, etc.


The ultrasonic waves launched by this ultrasonic pest repellent only affects the pests and inaudible to human, dogs and cats.

So doesn’t adversely affect pregnant women, child, baby even pets. The pest control ultrasonic repellent just drive pests away without killing them:

No poisons, No radiation, No chemicals, No odor. Gives you a 100% safety guarantee.


Each pest reject ultrasonic repeller can cover area up to 1200 Square Feet. To achieve the best results, one unit for each room is recommended that every corner of your home can be all covered and protected. The ultrasonic pest control repeller can be widely used in house, restaurant, supermarket, garage, hotel, office, warehouse, hospital, etc. If you have a serious pest infestation or large storage areas, you can add more units for better results.


Simply plug ultrasonic bug repellent in the electrical outlet them it start working when you notice the blue light is on (provide a soft blue glow at night). Recommend install the mouse repellent between 30-50 inches away from the ground.

No need to clean up dead pests, no battery required and cost little electricity. Also perfect replacement for mice traps, bug poisons and insect sprays.