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Do It Yourself Pest Control?

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We suggest you do not do it yourself. We know that there is nothing more undesirable, than being at a dinner with friends and bugs appear around our house; or the most alarming: Cockroaches Walking in the kitchen! It happens when your Guest, at a level of confidence, gets up and wants to go to

Top 5 Recommendations – How Not to Have Pest at home

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How not to have pest at home, we tell you: 1. Your house is not a deposit: It destines specific places in your house to store things that you do not use frequently, but that are still useful in some seasons. The accumulation of objects makes cleaning an impossible task at the same time creates

Tips For NOT Counting with Bed Bugs on Holidays

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Holydays is the favorite season to travel and enjoy as a family. But also, this has become the season where more infestations are presented by BED BUGS! This is more common than you think, because one of the easiest ways to get BED BUGS is when you are traveling or when you stay in hotels,

Did You Have any Pest Problem this Year?

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Did You Have any Pest Problem this Year? If Your Answer is No! If your Answer is Yes! In this year we have seen and treated thousands of cases with pest problem, in many casese it has happened because the people doesn't taking preventative measures. Please make a proper handling of the garbage and contact