How not to have pest at home, we tell you:

1. Your house is not a deposit:

It destines specific places in your house to store things that you do not use frequently, but that are still useful in some seasons. The accumulation of objects makes cleaning an impossible task at the same time creates dark space where insects can be hidden.

2. Give or sell all those things that no longer serve you:

We often have at home things that we never use, but are still there occupying a space unnecessarily; Keep in mind that maybe someone needs what you have left, you could sell it online or just give it away, that way your house will look better, open helped someone, and prevent insects like spiders have a space in your house.


Dirt promotes reproduction of pests

3. Clean dust frequently:

It is proven that the dust facilitates the reproduction of insects, including dust mites, these little bugs not only eat the skin that we fall, but also having a suitable environment For their reproduction they leave their excrement on all sides causing allergic reactions like headaches, fatigue, depression, among others; In addition it has been estimated that between 50% and 80% of asthmatics are affected by them.

4. DO NOT store dirty clothes:

Have you ever found your favorite shirt with a hole that appeared out of nowhere? This is due to the Washing of Clothes, which is attracted by the dirt that is invisible to our eyes, but not to that of insects, keep in mind that in addition to dirty clothes, it is the favorite hiding place of BED BUGS and their Eggs!


Many times these objects have small guests

5. DO NOT pick up things from the street:

It is common to go in the car and see on the sidewalk that the people left to take the garbage truck. Be very careful and think that if it looks good and it’s okay because someone would vote? Many times these objects, mostly furniture, have small guests like Termites, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, etc., which have been so difficult to remove that has touched to vote. Be careful and avoid carrying infestations to your home.